What are Car Gatherings and are they Allowed in NJ?

May 14, 2020 –In line with the New Jersey government’s Road Back rehabilitation strategy, Governor Phil Murphy signs Executive Order No. 142, which will allow, among others, car gatherings.

The ban on gathering shall not apply to car gatherings. The EO No. 142 will specifically limit car gatherings to drive-in movies, drive through farms or safaris and religious services.

Car gatherings will also be subject to strict compliance with the requirements in the Order, such as:

  • Attendees participating in the gathering must arrive in a vehicle. They must remain in that same vehicle during the entire gathering;
  • Each attendee’s vehicle must remain entirely closed at all times, including the windows, doors, sunroofs, and tops of the vehicle, except if the vehicle is more than six feet from another vehicle, or if a law enforcer or public official asks to open the vehicle;
  • Individual organizers who are not in closed vehicles must wear cloth face coverings, except if wearing so would inhibit the individual’s health, and;
  • If the gathering requires pre-payment or seeks donations of any kind, contactless options must be preferred, wherever feasible.

Any individual who leaves his home to attend a car gathering shall not be held liable for violating Executive Order No. 107 (2020), or the statewide stay-at-home Order.

Coronavirus Disease cases in NJ reach 141,560

As of May 13, 2020, New Jersey has had a total of 141,560 positive COVID-19 cases after recording an additional 1,028 tested positive on Wednesday. The death toll is now at 9,702.

Meanwhile, Governor Murphy confirmed that revenue collections for April have dropped to nearly 60% or about $3.5 billion.

“These numbers are a sobering reminder that the COVID-19 impact is not limited to the health of our people, but also to the health of our state’s finances,” he said.

Governor Murphy believes that the situation just reaffirms that New Jersey is in dire need of direct assistance from the federal government.