NJ EBT SNAP Can Now Be Used for Online Grocery Shopping On Amazon, Walmart and More

May 26, 2020 –Qualified New Jersey residents will be able to use their food stamps on Amazon, Walmart, The Fresh Grocers, and ShopRite online starting this week.

New Jerseyans who have registered in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (NJ-SNAP)may be eligible to use their benefits card. Around 700,000 people in 356,000 households have enrolled in the NJ-SNAP. SNAP benefits are based on income and household size.

A more convenient way of shopping amid public health emergency

The new partnership is still in line with the New Jersey government’s efforts to get affordable groceries to NJ residents in need during the Coronavirus health emergency.

“Having the option to order groceries online is more important than ever, as we all work together to stay-at-home as much as possible,” said Department of Human Services (DHS) Commissioner Carole Johnson.

“We hope that the launch of SNAP online grocery shopping promotes equity by providing participants access to a convenient tool that many New Jerseyans are already using to comply with the stay-at home order.”

The New Jersey government has received the green light for online SNAP grocery shopping from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Thus, SNAP recipients can use their electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card only for buying eligible groceries.Federal rules, however, do not allow SNAP funds to pay for delivery fees.

Click here to register your EBT card at Amazon starting from May 27. You may also check your Walmart, ShopRite and The Fresh Grocer today.

DHS puts in more work

Apart from making the online grocery shopping possible, DHS has also distributed an additional $106 million in benefits to recipients of NJ-SNAP.

DHS also extended the benefits for six months more for those who were unable to complete their renewal in March and April. The Department also promised not to end benefits during the extension period.

Those who have pending applications may check the updated online system to track your application.

Finally, starting June, DHS will be extending nutritional support to about 600,000 children who typically receive free or reduced-price school meals. These children may not be receiving adequate sustenance as the schools have been closed.

As of Thursday night, New Jersey’s positive cases have reached 151,472.The State records new 1,304 positives and loses another 98 New Jerseyans, according to a statement from Governor Phil Murphy.